Thursday, 18 October 2012

Sumptuous Erotica

Wow, that title got your attention. But its not mine.

If you haven't heard about #AlvinVivian by now, you must live under a rock. Just in case you do, that's the Twitter hashtag for Malaysia's first 'real' sex scandal that isn't even really a scandal - Two consenting adults who actually are close in age (ie. not 12 and 19 *coughbrightfuturecough*) willingly and freely posting videos of their own sexual exploits on their own personal blog. And neither one of them a high ranking member of parliament.. Oh, the non scandal. And despite all this, they still have better videography than the so-called sex scandals that occasionally rock our country to its very moral core. You know, the ones that end with a hug. The Carebears get more physical than that.

I wanted to post a Carebears picture here but I thought that might be weird considering the title.

But, jokes aside, in my most humble opinion, people should not be vilified for having sex. What the hell is the matter with us? Our banners and slogans all say "Malaysia 2020" but our minds say "Victorian England: Public Flogging at Noon". Don't believe me? The newspapers are having a field day calling them vulgar, obscene, distasteful. Why?

We can say that it doesn't line up with our morals, our traditional values, our religious upbringing. But then again neither does...

- teenage pregnancy
Since the Babyhatch opened in 2010, 64 babies have been abandoned there. In case the fact that we have a BABYHATCH... like those Goodwill recycling bins where you can drop off your unwanted goods and feel good about yourself... doesn't really strike any chords with you. There were 218 occurrences of baby dumping from 2010 - May 2012.
There are 17.58 births/ 1000 adolescent females (15-19). And slowly increasing.

- rape
There were 3098 reported rape cases in 2007, over half of them occurring to girls below 16 years of age, the legal age of consent in Malaysia. And again, slowly increasing. Bearing in mind that this doesn't include unreported cases.  Its extremely hard to find recent statistics on this, probably because our crime rate is now so low. (Pause to cough.)

- pre-marital sex
The average national age of the first sexual encounter is 23 according to one website but I remember reading an article from the Star a few years ago that says the average is more like 20 (19 and 4 months, my bad) But either way, the average age for marriage in Malaysia is 24-25 (and increasing slowly).

All links lead to sources.

Everyone has sex. My upstairs neighbours are having sex right now.

So this is hardly a question of morality. What it is is a puritanical hang up against talking about sex. We sit on our high horses and look down our noses at them and say that sex should be carried out under covers and behind closed doors and never spoken of in polite company or explained to children but the truth of the matter is, people (even underaged people) are having sex. I mean, the babies are coming from somewhere. But not everyone is having sex the 'right' way - there's a severe lack of knowledge regarding STDs, methods of contraception and even what constitutes as sexual assault or coercion which is illegal.

I know there's a huge gap in our knowledge because I grew up in national school and my friends and I were so conservative we never once said the word sex till we were 18. Once, during a Science lesson, I mislabeled the male reproductive system because I didn't want to get teased for knowing it too well. Me! Mislabeling a penis! I study Biochemistry for a degree. I've scored an A in every Science paper I've taken since I was 10. (I was a nerd, I had nothing else going for me.) I know the male reproductive system, just like I know the female and plant reproductive system, just like I know the digestive system of a ruminant. There should be no shame in that knowledge, there should be no shame in any kind of knowledge. And yet...

This might sound like a funny story but is in actuality a reflection of how our concerns about being judged against some kind of defunct moral code can lead to warped priorities where feigning ignorance is more important than sharing what we know. So to me, a couple who would openly discuss their sex life in a frank manner is quite refreshing. I'll admit, their methods are a little crude (and frankly not to my taste) but if someone is getting Malaysians to loosen their lips and talk about sex, it can't be all bad. In the words of Voltaire, "I may not agree with what you have to say. But I will defend to the death your right to say it."

Edit: 'In the words of Evelyn Hall' it should say, as a reader has so kindly pointed out. Tragic, I hate misattributed quotes and its not like me at all to let a deserving woman go unrecognized! So there you have it.

P.S. If you came here looking for a link to the blog, that's been closed down but a site remains with mirror content. As I said, I think the content may be a bit too crude so I shan't link it here. This isn't a family friendly blog per se but I think if you're old enough to see them then you're old enough to Google =)

P.P.S. The comments of Jovic Soo and some others below are disgusting and abhorrent and a clear propagation of rape culture in Malaysia. This is all the more surprising considering he is a husband, father and apparent Christian as any brief Google search will demonstrate. I can only hope that with the advancement of sexual education and women's rights his daughter will never have to grow up to face the kind of vitriol that I have from the likes of him simply for expressing my humble opinion.


JiNbOtAk said...


That last quote was not technically from Voltaire; rather it was used by Evelyn Hall in Friends of Voltaire to charachterize Volatire's attitude.

Quotes aside,a brief but accurate summarization of the current scenario that we hv. Good job! :-P

JiNbOtAk said...


That last quote was not technically from Voltaire; rather it was used by Evelyn Hall in Friends of Voltaire to charachterize Volatire's attitude.

Quotes aside,a brief but accurate summarization of the current scenario that we hv. Good job! :-P

Jasryn said...

My bad, its always nice to know. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Greetings & Salutations,

We at NAILMEN & ASSAULTMYASS would like to give our heartiest appreciation for making us aware of the existence of the sexy blog Sumptuous Erotica on your blog.

We like to state that we agree with your views on this matter.

We sincerely hope that by you doing so, it will increase the statistical and probable chance that there will be an elevation in the arousal level of more of our legal & illegal immigrants (Indons, Banglas, Nepalese, etc.) and local men. Some of whom happens to live, work or hang out near the vicinities where our sisters, daughters, nieces, wives, girlfriends and other female relatives & acquaintances also happens to live, work, hang out, play or go to school.

According to the Laws of Statistics & Probability, of course.

They also say that, "if you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem."

Thank you for being part of the solution to the problem of not having enough sexy women in the media and in the public to titillate and arouse our immigrant and local men from our streets, in our sisters' neighborhoods and from our daughters' schools.

Again, thanks a bunch.

Yours sincerely,

Acquisitions Committee,
National Association of Immigrant and Local Men.


Entertainment Committee,
Association of Sexy, Sultry And Under-dressed Ladies & Teengirls of Malaysia And Singapore

Jovic Soo said...

Ya... let's be open n go to none Muslim countries make out on public places like what the Japanese did. Will you do it? Talk is cheap...
If u dare...then look for me. I make u cum inside d bus.

Whitelist Ryan said...

It is good point of view.

Just to add your opinion, somehow, it looks old style when those old generations forbid us to learn about sex.
The problem will arise is people, psychologically, will be curious with something that other people hide from them. This is the basic knowledge of mind: Curious.
If children, or we, are not introduced at very first place about sex, exactly we will look for it in internet, and we may find it not educating.
The thing is, when we, as children, have been introduced about this in our childhood, there is no problem about this since we know sex is not something taboo because sex is something that human needs, or a.k.a basic need.


Jasryn said...

Jovic, I'm afraid you and I have different interpretations about open-ness. And evidently, different opinions about your level of attractiveness. I didn't say we should all go out in public and have sex, as I said, the blog is a bit too crude for my taste, but sometimes it takes something a little shocking to open up a discussion. This blog has existed long before it became a news item and hell did not freeze over nor did the country degenerate into a moral wasteland of writhing orgies. Because sex is normal. And I believe that if we stop denying that sex happens we can expend our energies on more worthwhile outcomes such as educating people about safe, respectful sex. Maybe then we would have fewer people using it as a tool to intimidate people in the comments section.

Thank you very much Ryan for your comment. Exactly my train of thought.

Whitelist Ryan said...

Hi Jasyrn.

I am happy to read your post in this blog. :)

Hopefully, you keep updating!
Cant wait. haha :)

Jovic Soo said...

What a fanboy ....

Everyone know sex is the basic needs. It is the attitude and knowledge being instill to the children in a correct manner. That two dudes were off track.
Many will soon follow suits to do those insane things. Many will do evil in their own definition is good. Not many out there are able to tell what is right due to shallow understanding.

If the world is fully filled with wisdom society. The world will not be that ugly in many ways. For instance the cleanliness in Malaysia is enough said. It is all about education(family & society) and responsibility.

Hope they are able to reason to God someday. Wish they will repent on this matter someday.

Peace to you and sorry for my hot temper on previous comment.


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